About Us


More companies today are seeking intelligent luxury in a custom furniture product. They care about quality, consistency, value and sustainability, which is why Tarzen International and the Todd family has been successful for more than 25 years.   In order to sustain the demand for their quality products worldwide, the Todd family business, Tarzen International, is proud to announce Tarsan Worldwide. Tarsan Worldwide will continue the time honored tradition of exceptional quality and service on a global scale.

It is well known throughout the industry that it is not always the lowest bid that counts. It is often the lowest number of complaints from hospitality operations over the next few years, that prompts decision makers like you, to choose Tarsan Worldwide as the manufacturer of their custom case goods. We are in the business of making you look good for years to come.  That is why we have first eyes on your project from a quality function perspective, as well as the artistry of the product. You design it for looks, and we will make sure it functions beautifully and arrives on time.  Years of experience in developing multiple sources throughout the world give Tarsan Worldwide the ability to allow our clients to focus on their design business, and never have to worry about logistics and manufacturing details.  Now that is sustainable!

Today, Tarzen International is a respected hospitality company specializing in high quality and esthetically pleasing furnishings. This includes living room, dining room, bedroom wood and mixed media furniture, upholstery, kitchen and bath cabinetry and decorative vanities for the hospitality, timeshare and shared-use industries. The company also procures and professionally delivers granite and quartz stone surfaces and counter tops.



Tarsan Worldwide is pleased to offer this three-year (3) limited warranty covering all furniture products that we sell that are in normal commercial use from the date of delivery until the end of a three-year period. Each piece of Tarsan Worldwide furniture shall be free from manufacturing defect in materials, workmanship, or construction. If a defect does appear within the three-year period, Tarsan Worldwide will take the corrective measures described below.






We exclude and will not pay for any loss, expense, or damage that may result from a defect in the furniture, other than such as is to the furniture itself. The remedies provided under this Warranty state the limit of Tarsan Worldwide responsibilities.



Tarsan Worldwide will remedy a manufacturing defect in any of your Tarsan Worldwide furniture provided that notice of the defect is received within the three-year period (starting at the date of delivery). Contact Tarsan Worldwide promptly if you notice a defect by calling our customer service department at (239) 690-2675.  In order to process your request, Tarsan Worldwide may require reasonable proof of the date of purchase, and/or a site inspection to verify the defect(s). Upon verification of the defect, your item will be repaired. If repair is deemed impossible, your item will be replaced with an item of the same or similar color, design, style, and quality.


Because of the custom nature of our products, identical materials may not be available at the time of repair or replacement. In such cases, Tarsan Worldwide reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality. You will not be charged for repair services or for the replacement furniture. If you paid the freight charges on the initial order, you will not be charged freight for shipping the replacement furniture from our facilities to your location. Repair or replacement of your furniture does not extend the duration of the warranty period, or begin a new warranty period. If an item cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of tries, Tarsan Worldwide will issue a refund to you for the item. In case of a refund, a deduction will be made for the number of years of use taken as a percentage of the Warranty period and applied against your purchase price.



This Warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the furniture who took delivery of the product for placement in a business location.



Your furniture must be properly stored (climate-controlled), cleaned, and maintained. Tarsan Worldwide will not repair or replace furniture with any non-conformities or damage caused by other than normal and proper usage or contributed to by improper storage (including uncontrolled environments such as outdoor storage containers, tarps, etc.), improper maintenance, incorrect installation, misuse or abuse, alterations made without the written consent of Seller, faulty repairs made by any person other than Tarsan Worldwide and/or its agents or assigns, or defects arising from materials supplied by you, or designs or specifications stipulated by you or your agent.



Tarsan Worldwide will not repair or replace furniture that is deemed to have been damaged by normal wear and tear by Tarsan Worldwide or its authorized representative.



Because of the custom handcrafted nature of our product, variations can occur from piece to piece. Therefore, Tarsan Worldwide will not repair or replace furniture because it differs slightly from web images, floor samples, or other printed depictions.



This Warranty does not cover damage caused by common carrier.



Due to the fact that most fabrics used on Tarsan Worldwide products are C.O.M. (customer’s own material), and because upholstery manufacturers generally do not guarantee their products against shrinkage, colorfastness, wrinkling, or other problems, we will not repair or replace upholstery that exhibits problems of this nature. Tarsan Worldwide will repair or replace leather that exhibits cracking, tackiness, loss of flexibility, or peeling and abrasion, provided that it is not the result of accidents, abuse, improper care or cleaning, or normal wear and tear. Foam is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year.



Your account will need to be current with no past due balances outstanding before remedial work can begin.



If you believe there is a defect in your furniture, contact customer service at Tarsan Worldwide at (239) 690-2675 and describe your problem to our representative. Tarsan Worldwide will schedule an inspection. If a defect is confirmed, we will require proof of purchase and a reasonable amount of time to remedy the problem. You will not be charged shipping if you paid freight charges on your original order. If you have followed these procedures and are not satisfied with our solution, please contact us directly at: 10060 Amberwood Rd Ste 2 Ft. Myers, FL 33913 or visit TarsanWorldwide.com.


Tarsan Worldwide has matured into a team of talented professionals who specialize in crafting cabinetry, stone surfaces, and creating elegant and functional furnishings for the hospitality industry. With almost a decade of experience, our team has the knowledge and certification to understand what is involved in the development and manufacturing of products specific to each client’s unique requirements, utilizing stringent and updated manufacturing techniques.


We work closely with architects, interior designers, management companies, and contractors to meet each client’s unique specifications and requirements. Other services we provide include:


Selection of wood types and veneers

Custom finishes

Detailed CAD drawings for client approval

Strict on-site factory quality control management

Specialized packaging materials for shipping

Freight management logistics


What is your normal lead time?

Although our lead time does vary, we typically deliver products 12 to 14 weeks after the receipt of the purchase order and the deposit. There are factors that affect the delivery in this time frame, such as timely receipt of C.O.M. materials, holidays, and changes to the order after placement. We also offer a quick-ship service for specified product that we can deliver in 8-10 weeks. Please ask for further information on this program if you need product quickly.


Are your products manufactured in compliance with US environmental standards?

Yes. Tarsan Worldwide partners with factories that are regularly shipping into North America, Australia and Europe. European standards are typically more restrictive than the US, and normally we will exceed the US standards for materials and finishing properties. In addition, we consider the people making our products part of our organization, and we actively monitor the working conditions, pay and safety standards of the employees. See our Certifications and Sustainability page for more information.


What happens when we receive product that is freight damaged?

Tarsan Worldwide promises the product will be delivered in good order, and we will handle any necessary freight related problems in a timely manner. We realize that the furniture is the last item to be installed, and normally guests will be arriving soon after installation. Although freight damage is rare, due to our packaging standards, it occurs on occasion. Normally the damage is minor, and can be repaired at site by one of our personnel, however, in the event that the product must be replaced, we will do our best to provide the new product at no expense in a timely manner. We also provide a touch-up repair person that will visit your property to handle any damage that may have happened in the off-loading or room installation.


What is your warranty?

Tarsan Worldwide warrants our product for a period of 3 years, and guarantees that the product will be repaired or replaced at our expense in the event of a manufacturing failure. We have years of experience in custom engineering products for commercial use and we test products for stability, strength and moisture/chemical resistance before we apply our name. See our 3 Year Limited Warranty page for more information.


How long have you been in business?

Tarsan Worldwide personnel have been in the commercial furniture manufacturing business for many years, and have developed a unique ability to supply small and large quantities of custom made furniture, including seating, case goods, dining and occasional furnishings in solid wood and metal. We differ from other hospitality furniture manufacturers in that there are no minimum requirements with virtually unlimited design options.


Tarsan Worldwide is your best resource for custom hospitality furniture. We provide custom furniture, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, vanities and stone surfaces that are durable, long lasting and suit any specific requirements for the best look possible. Tarsan Worldwide has years of experience creating custom furniture for hotels and resorts across the world. Our team of specialists is prepared to handle the job from start to finish.


With many years of combined hospitality experience, Miki Todd, President and Owner, her talented team at Tarzen International LLC and the factory designers have created an impressive repertoire of interior furnishings. The staff at Tarsan Worldwide provides creative solutions in wood furniture, stone surfaces, cabinetry, vanities and upholstery for the hospitality and timeshare industry. They have earned a stellar reputation by providing high quality creative solutions and meeting each client’s budgetary requirements.


Every product selection – including living room, dining room, bedroom furniture and upholstery as well as cabinetry, vanities and stone surfaces – is manufactured to each client’s unique specifications and requirements. Our furniture is custom designed and manufactured to meet our client’s individual needs.


The staff at Tarsan Worldwide provides creative solutions in wood furniture, stone surfaces, cabinetry, vanities and upholstery for the hospitality and timeshare industry. We have earned a stellar reputation by providing high quality creative solutions and meeting each client’s budgetary requirements.


Every product selection – including living room, dining room, bedroom furniture and upholstery as well as cabinetry, vanities and stone surfaces – is manufactured to each client’s unique specifications and requirements. Working closely with architects, interior designers, management companies, and contractors, our team is skilled in developing layouts and space planning of kitchens and bathrooms. Their selections are precisely crafted with attention given to every detail to provide a durable product that can meet the demands of the hospitality industry.


We provide a superior product with a competitive advantage. We pay careful attention to the smallest of details, from inception and development to manufacturing and delivery. It has resulted in the production of high-quality furnishings that meet the most demanding requirements promptly and competitively, while conforming to the highest standards of creativity. During our daily production, Tarsan Worldwide’s quality control employees oversee and supervise the manufacturing of all products in their facilities. Our highly trained factory workers carefully pack, containerize and ship to any destination. Additionally, the management staff visits the factories on a frequent basis and encourages client factory visits.